Asthma's Carbon Footprint

We have changed your blue reliever inhaler to a more environmentally friendly alternative:

Ventolin Evohaler (28kg Co2e) and Salbutamol generic MDI (25kgCO2e) have been changed to Salamol MDI (12kg CO2e)

Salamol MDI is the same medication but contains a propellant with half the environmental impact (as per the brackets). CO2e, or carbon dioxide equivalent, is the standard unit for measuring carbon footprints.

You should be aiming to need one Blue inhaler a year (4 puffs a week) for good asthmatic control.

Even better environmental options for asthma management move away from using a MDI (with a propellant) to inhalers without a propellant. These are called Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI) and all asthma medications (including the blue reliever) come in this form. DPIs have <1kg CO2e per inhaler!

Please contact the surgery if you are interested in these alternatives.