Diabetes UK South West

Diabetes UK campaign at a local and regional level to increase the profile of diabetes issues.

Telephone: 0345 123 2399

Website: www.diabetes.org.uk


British Dietetic Association (BDA) is the only body in the UK representing the whole of the dietetic workforce.

Telephone: 0121 200 8080

Facebook: @BritishDieteticAssociation

Twitter: @BDA_Dietitians

Website: www.bda.uk.com

Diabetes Wellbeing

Living with diabetes can be stressful but there are plenty of little ways to make it easier while enjoying life.

Throughout this site you’ll find ideas, help and local resources to uplift your well-being so you feel your very best.

Website: www.diabeteswellbeing.org

Better Living

Find practical help with managing Type 2 diabetes through this informative toolkit.

Telephone: 0162 853 7900

Website: www.better-living.co.uk

Email: DSO-UK@takeda.com