Long Term Conditions Annual Reviews

We are updating the way we complete our annual reviews. These will now be done to correspond with your month of birth and in most cases you will only need to attend one review appointment per year which will cover all your long term conditions.

Some conditions will need you to attend for a blood test before your review appointment and some conditions including high blood pressure and asthma can be reviewed by completing an online questionnaire available through a SystmOnline account: https://systmonline.tpp-uk.com go to the records section and choose questionnaires or via our website www.meresurgery.co.uk go to the Health Review and Assessment Clinic section.

When you receive your letter it will ask you to contact reception by telephone so that the appropriate appointments can be made for you.

If you do not yet have a SystmOnline account, please ask us for one at reception or via our contact page on the website.

It is important to have your review so we can ensure your condition is properly controlled and managed. If you run out of your repeat medication and have not had a review, we will not be able to re-authorise your repeat medication.